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Connect Circle is a Healthy Lifestyle Community for women. This community is a full ecosystem consisting of Nutrition Coaching, fitness tips, science-based supplements and the latest women fashion. Everything the busy women needs to thrive in all areas of health! 

You’ve found the perfect place to help you grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to Connect Circle: an online space where all we think about is how you can achieve your potential and good health. As a mom, a grandma, or a career woman, this platform connects you to other women with similar goals and challenges. This is a real community where women support women: a safe place from distractions and negativity on social media! 

Our Connect Circle is changing the way women think about weight loss.

Connect Circle uses science and personalization to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. Our mission is to help you better understand your relationship with food, improve your habits and give you the support you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Deep Health Lifestyle

Instead of replacing bad habits with quick-fix schemes, we're going to focus on building and reinforcing positive behaviors. Today’s working women have a challenge maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Taking the initiative to work with professionals, such as a nutrition coach, will help you catapult your life in the right direction. 

At Connect Circle, we help women focus on these areas of deep health. Our main areas of deep health consists of Physical, Relationships, Mental, Emotional, Existential and Environmental. 

Progress Over Perfection

Staying connected to the community is key to keep you motivated, and supported. Using your daily tracking sheet, for food, water, activity, daily supplements and daily habit focus is your key to success. We all agree weight loss is a process, everyone's progress is different, and full of ups and downs - we believe everyone should be able to hit THEIR personal goals. To make it a fun-filled journey, you will earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements as you grow. Oh yeah I forgot...there's FREEBIES too!


Imagine being able to....

Improve Your Health

you finally able to enjoy the time with your love ones without having to worry about all the food restrictions. Now you have a better relationship with food.

Have More Energy

manager your career or business 6-8 hours a day and still have the energy to enjoy the time with your love ones. That’s our healthy lifestyle goal for you.

Healthier Lifestyle Starts here

Living a healthy lifestyle where weight loss is one less stress trigger. 

Enjoy special moments without food restrictions limiting them.

Join The Community!

Gain More Confidence

stand with confidence knowing that the feeling of being over weight is no longer there. Most women never thought losing weight and feeling great would give them such a boost of confidence. 

Access To Fashion

find that contemporary fashion collection at an extremely affordable price. Our past clients say losing weight is great for health but hard on the wallet. Our partnership with UtonMarie allow us to help you with that.


A community that helps women from all walks of life with the same common goal— the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. One simple community that meets your needs on a daily basis. We understand the struggles of trying to improve your health without a supportive environment.

Your health journey can feel like a lonely island, where you face different challenges in the beginning. Having a community with a nutrition coach that can help you overcome, is the difference between giving up and success.

Connect Circle is a real-life community because the members control the space. We aim to give every user a sense of freedom, mastery, purpose, and progress. Connect Circle is an interactive environment that rewards you for sharing or learning new things.


Connect Circle - Weight-loss-client

For over 25 years I suffered with fibromyalgia, ulcer and vitamin deficiencies that led to weight gain. Today, I have my life back, my doctor took me off my fibromyalgia pills, no more ulcer and I lose 37 pounds. Today I take my customized supplement Vilmos had created, I’m eating healthier, I have more energy than my girlfriends and I’m the oldest.  I am so thankful I was introduced to Vilmos. I’m Extremely blessed!

Virginia C - Healthy 74 year old

Charlotte NC


I am a mom of 2 (6 year old and 2 year old). My husband and I own a salon working 70+ hours a week. In the past I had a hard time losing weight because I have a non-curable hormonal imbalance. Vilmos helped me to lose over 22 pounds. I really learned how to make my health a daily focus.

Anna Stewart

22 Pounds, Down 3 Pants Size.


I have some on going health issues that lead to weight gain. I tried a few different weight loss programs in the past but I kept gaining the weight back after I stop ordering their meals. I was invited to one of Vilmos’s workshop — after working with him over the last 6 months I lost  47 pounds, I am sleeping better, increase my stamina and off 3 meditations. I’m looking forward to fitting a size 8 again.

Emma Ma

47 Pounds, Down 5 Pants Size.


THANK you Vilmos!!! Your coaching has transformed my body, my mind, and my life. I can’t thank you enough for the education, the care and the path to success. My co-workers are inspired by my success. The OPC-3 product was a game changer for my allergies, a few of my family and co-works are now taking this product and loving it.

Julie Morris

10 Pounds, No More Zyrtec or Allegra :)

How does it works


When you register to the Connect Circle community, you will be taking a big step towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. You will earn 100 reward points and you will continue earning points for just about everything in the community.


By completely setting up your profile you will earn a total of 200 reward points and level up to member pro. This will unlock the 12-week weight loss challenge and other features. 

Get your free gift when you complete your profile setup!


In this community you can share your weight loss journey with friends. You will earn higher circle points when you invite others to join you on Connect Circle. You can use your circle points towards our large list of item including supplements, fashion item - crossbody bags, active wear, necklace and more.


In the wellness group, you will have access to our 12-week Dear Healthier Me weight loss challenge and downloadable worksheets, (daily tracking sheets, recipes, and more). 


In Connect Circle healthy lifestyle community we have a one of a kind reward system. You can earn reward points for just about every activity towards improving your health.  Some of our freebies includes 12-week weight loss challenge, access to downloadable weight loss programs, science-based wellness products, access to a certified nutrition coach and some of the latest women's fashion.

Connect circle free downloads 1
Free Resources

This section is composed of free, quick, printable downloads. Which have food lists for each program option, detox food lists and more to ensure your success.

Free Fitness fashion
Fashion Store

We've partnered with UtonMarie, an online women contemporary fashion boutique, to bring our community the latest active wear, dresses and cross body bags. Members can win free items and/or order items at a discount.

Health products

To enhance your weight loss efforts, Connect Circle offers several scientifically-developed weight loss supplements. Each formula addresses different processes in your body that cause you to gain weight or prevent you from losing weight.

12-week weight loss challenge
12-week Challenge

Our 12-week Dear Healthier Me weight loss challenge was designed to help you begin your weight loss journey the right way. We know you want fast results without compromising on flavor or satiety, and that’s why this 12-week challenge is the perfect place to start.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Connect Circle different from other social media platform?

Our goal is to bring an element of fun back into social media the way it was intended. Our mission is to make Connect Circle a motivating and inspiring place for our members. We incentivize our members to interact with each other and local business.

Can I do a training course on Connect Circle?

Yes! You can Customize your courses with as many lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments as you want. There’s no limit to the flexibility of your learning environment.

Can I add my business to my profile?

YES! We strongly recommend our members setup their business profile.

Is my information shared with other websites?

NO! We value all of our members private information. We will work hard to protect our members information.

Can we invite friends to join Connect Circle?

YES! Our goal is to make Connect Circle fun and engaging by adding an element of gamification to our site. Members will earn points, and badges for inviting and engaging with new members on the site. The more points you have the more things you can win!

Are members limited to the amount of groups they can join?

NO! Connect Circle you can join as many groups that interest you. We ENCOURAGE it! 

Ready to take control of your health for good?