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It doesn’t matter how you found Connect Circle, all that matters is that you did. Whether you've already tried to lose weight through trend diet programs or are making the commitment for the first time, we're are here to help! Connect Circle isn’t your typical diet program - we're a total lifestyle approach to weight management. Connect Circle is not about restrictions or counting calories. It’s about changing the way you look at food and at yourself. 

Most diet programs can potentially help you to lose weight, but are the requirements of that diet the best way to permanently keep the weight off? Is it something that you can continue to do for the rest of your life? Maintaining a healthy weight depends on eating right, exercising and making a daily commitment to changing the behaviors that got you where you are today. 

Don't Start A Diet That Has An Expiration Date... Focus On A Lifestyle That Will Last Forever!
Vilmos Bond - Nutrition Coach at Connect Circle

Progress Over Perfection

Get The Results You Want!

Hi there, I’m Vilmos Bond

…I’m a certified nutrition coach, and I’m passionate about helping women live a healthier lifestyles with no regrets. 

With a resume spanning over 20 years, I’ve worked with professional women as both my superiors and as my subordinates in the corporate world. I have a clear understanding of some of the challenges women face with weight loss. 

For 3 years I’ve worked with health professionals in such fields as including internal medicine, chiropractors and massage therapists, helping them implementing customizable science-based wellness programs into their practices. 

Over the past 4 years I’ve helped women lose weight feel great and keep the weight off for good. My goal as a nutrition coach is to help you develop a better relationship with food, and learn how to create healthier habits, rather than getting frustrated by restricting diets. 

If She Can Do It, You Can Do It Too!

When I met my wife over 26 years ago she was so full of energy and incredibly active. A few years after our son was born, her energy level changed and the minor allergy symptoms she always had became worse. These symptoms slowly increased along with weight gain all the way until our third child was born. Then I felt I needed to do something.

The first thing I learned was how to lower her inflammation, because the different allergy medicines she was taking would make her very drowsy and she hated feeling that way. With lots of research on my part, I was able to find the the right supplementation which in turn lowered her histamine levels and she was finally off the allergy medicines. Over the years she tried different ways to lose the weight but there were so many restrictions to maintain it, that it discouraged her. Then I learned about the healthy lifestyle approach to weight loss - she’s been following this system for the past several years and is loving it. She's happy to have her energy and confidence back. She also looks great for someone who's almost 50 years old!



We have over a $1000 worth of give aways for different activities on the way to a healthier you.


Our goal is to create the largest group of women with the same goal: creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle and impacting each other in a positive way. We will encourage these ladies to learn from each other and gather valuable feedback in order to improve the experience in the community. 

Women that join this community have tried different weight loss programs in the past only to gain it back or it may be their first time focusing on a weight loss journey...Either way, we’re glad you found us! 

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To keep your progress at sprinting speed I offer an extensive collection of weight loss supplements. It's all about what works for you.

Connect Circle - Weight-loss-client

For over 25 years I suffered with fibromyalgia, ulcer and vitamin deficiencies that led to weight gain. Today, I have my life back, my doctor took me off my fibromyalgia pills, no more ulcer and I lose 37 pounds. Today, I take my customized supplement Vilmos had created, I’m eating healthier, I have more energy than my girlfriends and I’m the oldest.  I am so thankful I was introduced to Vilmos. I’m Extremely blessed!

Virginia C - Healthy 74 year old

Charlotte NC


I am a mom of 2 (6 year old and 2 year old). My husband and I own a salon, we work about 60+ hours a week. In the past, it was difficult to lose weight because of a non-curable hormonal imbalance. Vilmos helped me to lose over 22 pounds. I really learned how to make my health a daily focus.

Anna Stewart

22 Pounds, Down 3 Pants Size.


I had some on going health issues that lead to weight gain. I tried a few different weight loss programs in the past but I kept gaining the weight back after I stop ordering their meals. I was invited to one of Vilmos’s workshop — after working with him over the last 6 months I lost  47 pounds, I am sleeping better, increase my stamina and off 3 meditations. I’m looking forward to fitting a size 8 again soon.

Emma Ma

47 Pounds, Down 5 Pants Size.


THANK YOU Vilmos!!! Your coaching has transformed my body, my mind, and my life. I can’t thank you enough for the education, the care and the path to success. My co-workers are inspired by my success. The OPC-3 product was a game changer for my allergies, a few of my family and co-works are now taking this product and loving it.

Julie Morris

10 Pounds, No More Zyrtec or Allegra :)

Reach Your Goals With My FREE 12-Week Dear Healthier Me Weight Loss Challenge

Our FREE 12-week Dear Healthier Me weight loss challenge is starting soon. During the Dear Healthier Me Challenge, we will focus on healthy habits, balanced meals, and creating a healthy mindset. As your certified nutrition coach, we will focus on different topics every week and learn how to put them into practice. At Connect Circle, we’re all about what works for you. As you know life is neither rigid nor predictable, and which means your weight loss solution shouldn’t be either. Flexibility is key to your success, which is why you can live the lifestyle. 

Healthy Lifestyle For Women
  • Our easy-to-follow challenge centers on food quality, because wholesome food produces lean, and energetic people.
  • You'll discover why you struggled to lose weight in the past. You'll also learn how to maintain your success and stay motivated.
  • A truly healthy body must be active, which is why we focus on healthy body composition.
  • Sustaining energy and enthusiasm is essential to effective weight loss. Each supplement targets different weight loss struggles.


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I will help educate and motivate you as you follow this healthy lifestyle. In this community you will get access to is quick, printable downloads with food lists for each program option, detox food lists and more, all to ensure your success.

From quick weekday recipes to gourmet meals, find healthy recipes that will impress your family and friends.