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Aside from connecting and learning about health and wellness from other members, you’ll also get access to things related to fashion, entrepreneurship, and more!

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About Vilmos Bond

Founder of Connect Circle and Wellness Next Step

Hi, I'm Vilmos Bond welcome to Connect Circle!

I'm a Nutrition Coach, and entrepreneur with an obsession with improving every area of my life, fulfilling my potential as a human being, and making a difference in the lives of others. About 17 years old, I began my wellness journey and have since been obsessed with learning, growing, and passing on a legacy of healthy living to my kids. 

I started Wellness Next Step in 2016 as a way to help others commit to a healthier lifestyle through self-development, including health, fitness, and mindset.

Connect Circle was created with the sole mission to create the largest group of women with the same goals of creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle that impact each other in a positive way. 

The goal of Connect Circle is to be passionate, powerful and a positive example of the unlimited possibilities that a healthy lifestyle can bring to those that are truly committed.

Why We Are Different

We made a combo with Connect Circle by putting together several elements of life. You can get health tips, beauty tips, and self-development helps, make new friends, explore new interests, and more at the same time. To make it a fun-filled journey, you will earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements as you grow.


We help every woman learn and grow in their career and personal life. This interactive space allows you to get inspired by others' experiences and success stories.


We added small tasks at every level of your growth to make it more interesting. This feature of Connect Circle builds your winning mentality to face real-life challenges.


We assist you in making the right connections to grow your career and personal life. Building and keeping lasting relationships is easier on Connect Circle.

What we believe!

Living a healthy lifestyle is hard, with all the new shiny diet plans coming out every few days it’s hard to know which one actually works. On Connect Circle our #1 focus is the pursuit of nutrition science, behavior change and deep health. 

In order to create and live a truly extraordinary life, I believe one must continuously focus on sharing your experiences and building relationships is progress; giving you a happy, healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal. 

Our message to you right now

We believe everyone has the right to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t matter where you’re from and what level of permanent tan you were born with. Just remember your first wealth is your health.