This Community is Powered by a common goal, Your Health! 

We encourage members to connect and have fun while improving their health. Members will learn from each other, get access to the latest fashion, science based products, free nutrition coaching and support from other members. 

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Why Is This Community For Me?

We learned some valuable information coaching clients over the last 7 years. Clients would go through our coaching system with great success but in some cases would slowly get influenced by their surroundings. Our goal is to create a community where women can find an accountability partner, beauty tips, wellness tips, and self development help. Our mission is to create an healthy ecosystem for women to thrive.

Connect Circle social groups
Wellness Group

In this group members will get health and wellness tips, from certified Nutrition Coaches. We will have a monthly focus, which will be broken down into weekly sessions/focuses, allowing for questions. Take the free Dear Healthier Me 12 week challenge Free! ($399 value)

Science based products
Wellness Products (Coming Soon)

To keep your progress going while maintaining your healthy lifestyle we offer an extensive collection of nutrition supplements. Each supplement is scientifically-developed to target different wellness struggles.

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Community Auction (Coming Soon)

Connect Circle will have a one of a kind auction. This auction will run for 24 hours once a month. This allows members to build up their reward points to use as their bidding currency. The more points you have the better the chance to win!

Connect Circle Fashion group
Fashion Collection (Coming Soon)

To bring another layer of fun to Connect Circle we partnered with UtonMarie an online boutique. This partnership will bring you the latest contemporary collections, with a feminine and southern touch. A healthy lifestyle is more than just feeling amazing, it’s about looking great too!

Connect Circle business listing
Business Listing (Coming Soon)

As a member on Connect Circle, your business listing is very important to us. Business listings will have a map to your location, hours of business, contact info and company images. Our community will earn reward points for following and leaving reviews for your businesses.

Connect Circle group coming soon
Other Groups (coming Soon)

We are open to suggestions for future groups, all groups will have an ambassador leading the charge to maintain the group’s integrity. Our goal is for each group to be engaging and beneficial to each member.


Our Connect Circle Ambassador is an exclusive group of members that believes in the mission of healthy living and the empowering women. Our Ambassadors also help to create an outstanding experience for all members. These Ambassador will do trainings, presentations and online events. Are you one of our future ambassadors?

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