Are You Ready To Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle And Stop The Frustrating Diets? 

Connect Circle is a community where members can learn from each other, get access to Certified Nutrition Coaches, science based products, and much more.

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The goal of this challenge is to help moms improve their lifestyle habits and create a healthier relationship with food. 

It’s like Facebook, but everyone is sharing health, wellness, and self-development tips that work for them and their friends. You can discuss, ask any questions, and feel supported by friends and experts who understand you. It’s a safe place from distractions and the toxicity of social media. No hate, no trolls. Just a healthy community for women to thrive.

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  • Access to FREE 12-week Healthier You Weight-Loss program ($399 value)
  • A chance to win a luxury fashion product from UtonMarie, our online boutique partner
  • A chance to win a package of nutrition supplements

Let’s Make Your Journey To Healthy Living Simple & Fun!

You don’t need more “tried-and-tested” workouts and “celeb diet that works” meal plans. Adding expensive superfoods isn’t the solution—neither is severely restricting every possible source of calories.

You failed to achieve your health goals because you trust your health with search engines and health media companies. They make money from big advertisers who want to make you feel you’re not doing enough, so you keep buying more from them.

On top of that, with so much information out there, making every health decision is harder than it should be. You can’t tell exactly what to ignore and which one’s worth your time and energy. 

After coaching clients for more than seven years, we learned that the hardest part of getting healthy is eliminating distractions. Frankly, we’ve lost count of clients who achieved great success but couldn’t maintain it simply because they get influenced by their surroundings.

That’s why we created Connect Circle.

So you have one source for everything you need to grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So you can have trusted friends who can tell you exactly what to ignore and which one you should follow. And you can stay motivated by surrounding yourself with other women on the same lifestyle journey.

Get the support you need for the healthy lifestyle you want!

Supportive Community. Interactive Learning Environment. A Fun-Filled Journey To Healthy Living


Make new friends and build lasting relationships

Connect and build a relationship with other like-minded women and trusted experts who treat you like their friends, not clients. Surrounding yourself with the right people will make you feel supported in achieving your health goals.


Discuss, learn, and share

You can learn new things from your friends, ask them any questions, and share what you’ve learned with others. It’s much more fun than just passively learning from online articles, books, or courses. And, of course, all the advice you get from your friends is based on things that work, unlike what you get from advertisers who are trying to sell their products.


Stay motivated with the achievement feature

To make your journey to healthy living much more fun and interesting, you’ll be rewarded for completing small tasks. This feature of Connect Circle is designed to help you stay motivated and build your winning mentality to achieve your health goals. 

Not Just Health And Wellness, Connect Circle Is
Built Based On Things That Matter To You

Aside from connecting and learning about health and wellness from other members, you’ll also get access to things related to fashion, entrepreneurship, and more!

Wellness Group

In this group, members will get health and wellness tips from certified Nutrition Coaches. Get access to a monthly focus training program, which will be broken down into weekly sessions/focuses, where you can have your burning questions answered by experts.

Wellness Product

To keep your progress going while maintaining your healthy lifestyle, we offer an extensive collection of nutrition supplements. Each supplement is scientifically developed to target different wellness struggles

Community Auction (Coming 2023)

It’s a one-of-a-kind auction that will run for 24 hours, once a month. You can bid on fashion and wellness products using your reward points. The more points you have, the better the chance to win!

Fashion Collection (2023)

A healthy lifestyle is more than just feeling amazing; it’s about looking great too! That’s why we partnered with UtonMarie, an online boutique. This partnership will bring you the latest contemporary collections with a feminine and southern touch.

Business Listing (Coming Fall 2022)

We want Connect Circle to be the place where our member thrives, in all areas of life, including business. The Business Listing feature allows you to make your business feel supported by your friends. Here you can list your business information, and other members can review your business to earn reward points.

Other Lifestyle Groups (Coming Soon)

We are open to suggestions for future groups. All groups will have an ambassador leading the charge to maintain the group’s integrity. Our goal is for each group to be engaging and beneficial to each member.


Register For FREE Today And Claim Your Early-Bird Bonuses

Bonus 1
Access to FREE 12-week “Healthier You” Weight-Loss program ($399 value)

Our comprehensive, self-paced weight-loss program that’s built for real-life situations. It’s simple, easy to follow, and more importantly, it works! This program is all about building healthy habits that will help you achieve your health goals—without making you the “weird person” at dinner.

Bonus 2
A chance to win a luxury fashion product

Yes, by simply signing up to Connect Circle—which should take no more than five minutes—you can get a chance to win a luxury fashion product made by our boutique partner UtonMarie. The winner will be randomly selected once the beta testing spots have all been claimed.

Bonus 3
A chance to win a package of nutrition supplements

We’ve prepared a collection of nutrition supplements that will help you achieve your health goals. They’re hand-picked by our nutritionists. If you’re serious about your health, then make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to win this package!

What's better then Getting Rewarded For Achieving A Healthier You?

We partner with a fashion contemporary brand call UtonMarie to bring you some of their fall merchandise. We also partner with the leading science-based product company. 

Register to Connect Circle, refer a minimum of 5 friends and you will win free stuffs before it launch in the fall. The more people you invite that register the bigger the rewards.

Register Now To Take The Challenge!

The goal of this challenge is to help moms improve their lifestyle habits and create a healthier relationship with food.

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Oh No! You’re About To Miss Out…

The give aways for the early-bird spots are very limited, and we have a deadline to officially launch Connect Circle. At this moment, we're in beta testing so your feedback is very important to the improvement of our community.

If you're looking for a community to support your healthy lifestyle than Connect Circle is the community for you. Make sure you register now before the early bird promotion is over!

Connect Circle

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